European Commission unveils new online platform and think-tank to support the startup community

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, European Commission Vice PresidentNeelie Kroes today unveiled a new startup ‘accelerator’ and think-tank to support the growing startup community in Europe.

The Startup Europe Partnership is an accelerator in the loosest sense of the word, helping fledgling businesses to connect with entrepreneurs, mentors and accelerators through a yet to be unveiled online platform. Members will receive discounted prices for services such as Salesforce and Google Adwords, as well as help for hiring and training new employees.

The program has been set up to help startups expand beyond their national borders and evolve into truly global companies. With that in mind, the Startup Europe Partnership will store resources to help entrepreneurs grow into new markets and pick up new customers. There will also be opportunities for unemployed young people to sign-up for internships with companies that are partnered with the scheme.

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