SEP Digital Construction Vertical Platform

Mind the Bridge has launched, in partnership with Acciona and Autodesk, a new SEP vertical platform
dedicated to Digital Construction and Infrastructure.

The goal of this new platform is to stimulate and accelerate European startups and scaleups able to provide innovative and digital solutions in construction, helping reduce costs and carbon emissions, improve profitability and efficiency,
and create a smarter more diverse construction industry.
The platform will be open to other international construction, engineering and technology companies that have the possibility to join as “Corporate Partners”.

Selected startups will be introduced to international construction, engineering and technology companies with the goal of assessing opportunities for possible procurement/co-development, investments and acquisitions.

The main focus areas

Digitalizing the Design and Construction Process

· Design to Fabrication, Preconstruction, Construction
· Industrialization of Construction
· The Connected Work Site
· Automation & Robotics
· 3D Printing, additive manufacturing
· Connected BIM workflows
· Autonomous machinery and vehicles
· Other: data, blockchain, etc.

Data focused Operation & Maintenance of Infrastructures

· Remote control and monitoring
· Predictive forecasting and maintenance
· Advanced delivery
· Connect BIM & GIS
(Master planning > Project planning,
Hand Over > Infrastructure maintenance)

The Future of Cities

· Design & Planning
· Mobility & Transportation
· Connected New Services


· Reduce Risk and Costs
· Drive profitability, Safety and Sustainability
· Generate new revenue lines and business models

Interested startups are asked to apply


Our Corporate Partners


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