Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) is the integrated pan-European open innovation platform that helps the best EU scaleups grow.


The Startup Europe Partnership is a platform where the best scaleups
meet the best corporates and investors with a single goal: make things happen.
Whether that means procurement (product licensing or initiating co-development/POCs), investments, and exits (acquisitions and IPOs).
Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) hosts “Europe’s Corporate Startup Stars”,
a ranking of the most startup friendly corporates in Europe, each year.
SEP also connects the European ecosystems with Silicon Valley (SEC2SV mission) and Israel (SEC2IL mission).


SEP is a Cross-Industry Pan-European Open Innovation Platform. We partner with European and non-European corporates interested in turning the “open innovation” paradigm into reality.

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We work with the European startup champions to help them scale-up. Entering SEP means admission to an elite club of scaleups, with qualified access to many large established companies and investors.

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We bring together the top notch Investors and Accelerators
from all over Europe and act as an internal channel conversation for the European Commission, the EIF and the EIB.

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