Inspired by SVC2UK (Silicon Valley Comes to United Kingdom) we are, under the Startup Europe initiative, bringing together EU policy makers (commissioners, prime ministers), the best of the new EU Scaleups and corporations to meet Silicon Valley stakeholders.

A European Innovation Day followed by a week of meetings provides an opportunity to stimulate networking and business opportunities, as well as improve the understanding in Silicon Valley of the increasingly dynamic European startup ecosystem.

Silicon Valley has the opportunity to tap into a significant EU market and benefit from the new generation of EU startups that can have a disruptive impact on many areas of the economy and society.

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Organized by Mind the Bridge Foundation, EID is an action oriented investors’ day bringing together the best of European technology and innovation. The EID is the opening event of SEC2SV Week.

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They are the new potential EU Unicorns and they are going to Silicon Valley.
Fifteen scaleups from Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK have been selected to present at the SEC2SV European Innovation Day (EID) in Mountain View on September 21st. Cumulatively, the 15 selected scaleups represent approximately $60 million in revenue and 1,000 employees, and they range from SaaS/Paas to nanotechnology, e-commerce, digital advertising, online recruitment, IT software, maritime industries, advanced materials, online productivity and renewable energy.

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The SEC2SV Sounding Board is an informal group of selected Europe-born, Silicon Valley-based managers, entrepreneurs, and investors interested in supporting EU policy makers on policies re: Digital Single Market and Scale-up of EU Startup Ecosystem. The SEC2SV Sounding Board has been officially launched at SEC2SV 2015 during the European Innovation Day and met the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger on September 22nd. Download the SEP Policy Brief that summarizes the recommendations for facilitating access and scale for businesses in Europe at the link below.

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