SEP at Merger Integration Management Forum in Amsterdam

Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) has been invited to share its experience at the 7th Merger Integration Management Forum organized by Thought Leader Global on March 26th and 27th in Amsterdam.

This international event brings together senior executives and business leaders responsible for strategy, M&A and post-merger integration from large multinations such as Thomson Reuters, Cisco, AstraZeneca, Nokia, ING, Dell, Philps, IBM, Statoil, Software AG.  They  will share experiences on M&A, integration, JVs, Divestments; and more specific aspects including HR, culture, innovation, and the acquisition of start-ups and smaller businesses. Roundtable events during the event will focus on current ‘hot topics’ such as M&A and JVs into – and from – Asian corporates and startup-corporate interactions.

Alberto Onetti has been asked to share the results and take-aways from the first year of operation of SEP , the pan-European Matching platform designed to foster partnership between startups and large corporates.