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What We Offer to Startups

We focus on the European startup champions to help them scale-up.

Target SEP Startups are:

  • Venture capital backed Startups (>$ 0.5/1M in capital raised, post seed – up to series C)
  • Bootstapped Companies with Revenue (>$0.5/€ 1M in revenue)

We offer them

  • Single Point of Entry to Large Corporates
  • Market Learning
  • Qualified Networking
  • Grow Opportunities (procurement/distribution/licensing)
  • Exit & Investment opportunities
  • “SEP” Badge of Quality

In short, entering SEP means admission to an elite club of scaleups, with access to many large established companies that can purchase your products, invest in you, or help you in other ways.

This has been already an excellent opportunity for us to connect with the market we need in order to grow.” – Vicky Broke, CEO Clear Returns

Here I can meet lots of CEOs from completely different fields — but they have the same problemsIt’s great networking.” – Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, CEO Sepior/Kmaas

It is a great opportunity for startups to meet a lot of corporates in the same day.” – Eliott Reilhac, CEO TVTY

SEP has the right approach to bring together startups and big companies: no pain, no waste of time, a shared interest-based matching.” – Julien Coulon, Co-Founder Cedexis

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