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Startup Europe Partnership

The Problem

The problem we have here is, as indicated in the Startup Manifesto, that “Continental Europe currently does not create new business destined for growth as well as other parts of the world, Silicon Valley in particular”.

High Tech giants do not live in Europe and, even when born here, they grow elsewhere.

The good news is that in the last few years, vital startup ecosystems have been growing in almost every European country. But they remain sort of disconnected, fragmented. We still need to leap forward in the direction of a single European ecosystem.

The Solution

Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) aims at offering an integrated pan-European platform to help the best startups emerge from these local ecosystems and scale-up.

How? Connecting Top European Startups to Large Corporates.

Startup Europe Partnership is a platform where the best startups meet the best corporates, with a goal: to make things happen, whether that means procurement (corporates buy products and services from startups), strategic investments and eventually acquisition/acqui-hires.

Who We Are

SEP Secretariat

Established by the European Commission in January 2014 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, SEP is the first pan-European platform dedicated to transforming European startups into scaleups by linking them with global corporations

SEP is led by Mind the Bridge Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Italy and United States, with the support of Nesta (the UK’s innovation foundation), Factory (an acceleration program and campus for tech companies of any stage, originating from Berlin), and Bisite Accelerator (Madrid/Salamanca).

SEP Founding Partners

Startup Europe Partnership has been developed in partnership with leading corporations (Telefonica, Orange, BBVA), education institutions (Cambridge University, IE Business School, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society) and the European Investment Fund.

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